“We always gain from those experiences even if we do not succeed” – Meet Adyasha

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I belong to Odisha, a state in the eastern part of India. Since I was a kid I always loved to travel and explore. My prospective towards meeting new people, discovering new places made me a traveller by passion.

I like to build different structures using small things like paper, woodblock etc. That’s why I choose Civil Engineering to be part of construction world but after getting a corporate job at MNC, I developed interest in building web application and I realised this is what I should do.

I started as full stack developer at first, but I choose to be a frontend developer because it gives me satisfaction when I can showcase my idea into a result which can be understood by even a non technical person.

Working at multiple companies with domains like mining, networking, supply-chain, ed-tech broadened my knowledge about how powerful software development can be. It encourages me to explore different areas beyond my comfort zone.

The year 2020 was a difficult year for all of us and it made me realise how important it is to have a work-life balance and healthy mental state. I like being structured and organised, so I prioritise my activities based on time and complexity level.

I am very passionate and dedicated towards my work. It gives me satisfaction at the end of the day when I am productive enough towards my job.

My Cuurios Story

After moving to The Netherlands in 2021, I looked for opportunities in software development. I found Cuurios as one of my ideal work place, being a well organised growing start up holding diverse culture and ability to grow together. I had a very nice experience throughout the interview process and with a warm welcome, I joined Cuurios as a Frontend Developer in July 2021.

We have a certain way of working at Cuurios. We brainstorm the requirement with attention to detail, find the optimal way of implementation and then work upon it. Sometimes researching takes more time but helps us building a better result in future. We always gain from those experiences even if we do not succeed.

I am confident while taking responsibilities and delivering on time. We try to be a cross functional team, learn new techniques in guild meetings and most importantly I can balance my work and life very easily. I feel comfortable while expressing my opinions and get feedback from my colleagues. I get various opportunities to improve my personal skills.

In the end, I feel happy about being who I am.

Stop thinking. Start doing.

Clients tell us that implementing our product feels like their data-congested brain finally gets the much-needed neurological wiring that prompts action. Finally, you understand what is happening. Finally, you know what to do next. Finally, you can act confidently.

Digital workflow optimization for asset rich businesses.