New year brings a new era for Cuurios – welcome to 2022!

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It is never easy, to let go of things, that accompanied you from the beginning. But change isn’t supposed to be easy. With heavy heart towards the old, but also excitement for the new, we are saying goodbye to our old office and old website. With our increased number of colleagues, our office simply does not have enough room anymore, to give space for all of our members, and while we are mainly working from home according to the current recommendations, we are hoping that soon enough, we will be able to have a full house – in our new office in the new NEXT Delft building!


 A new online space

While it is easier to decide, if your company outgrown the office, it is harder to come to a decision, that we did in fact outgrown our website as well. Next to our increasing number of content, and our growing team, the past year we also became much clearer about what and how we want to show about us, to you.

And it turned out, we have a lot to say.

So we started working with a team of professionals (Niels VrijhoevenJop Quirindongo and CCID), to help us along the way, to make our online space represent us, our goals and mission in a clear, different, but still very familiar way.

Our product on the market!

We have been hinting about it, talking about, almost literally all the time the past year. 2022 is the year, when our SaaS platform product becomes available, and we can’t even begin to describe, how excited we are about this! Stay tuned (Follow us on LinkedIn), or get to know more – contact us for a demo session!

Keep on growing!

„When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” We have to say, Jack Welch was not wrong – leaders or not, every member of our team is about growing. Growing personally, professionally, growing themself and growing others. One of the greatest things is seeing a group of people becoming a team, and welcoming every new member as old friends.

It makes us even more confident looking at the upcoming year, as we plan on further increasing our team to a number of 15 people by the end of the year.

…in with the new

Change is a challenge, but it’s the only way forward. We love a good challenge and embrace the change with all of it’s obstacles. 2022 will be the year of changes for us – some aspects we already know, while others will unfold through the next 12 months. There is only one thing we are sure of: we are ready to take it on.

Stop thinking. Start doing.

Clients tell us that implementing our product feels like their data-congested brain finally gets the much-needed neurological wiring that prompts action. Finally, you understand what is happening. Finally, you know what to do next. Finally, you can act confidently.

Digital workflow optimization for asset rich businesses.