“When I finish a feature […] I am excited, high-fiving myself” – Meet Tina

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The first time I heard “she/he is a developer” was when I started working at a  software company in 2012. We were told we can ask them about everything we want and I thought, “wow, this is so cool”. From that day for about 6 years I worked with engineers on a daily basis an average 10 hours each day. Due to the fact that all things were new to me, I googled every word they said in standup.

I learned from them, grew with them, and became more and more interested in coding. Imagining millions of people are using something based on my idea and I imagined that I was the one who built it. My dream was to create my own website and share with the world everything I was passionate about, like a movie director.

New chapter of my life

“Change you job!”

“Start coding!”

“This is the thing you always wanted! “

“This is your destiny!”

These words were etched into my head over the years. The thought was both ambitious and frightening.

At first I started learning by myself, reading product codes, participating in technical solution design, and enjoying the moments as much as I could. Finally, I heard the voice clearly and decided to follow my heart. Thus, I quit my job and started the new chapter of my life.

I knew I would face big challenges, but I prepared myself for them. Even though I got frustrated at times, cried for hours, and did many other things, I had faith in the path I had chosen. Thank you to my best and lovely friend who supports, teaches, and pushes me, especially when I feel frustrated.

In less than a year, I began interviewing for developer roles. Each interview taught me something new.

In between, I began my project “Book Lovers” – one of tens of ideas on my long list. At the beginning, I had to design, develop the backend as well as the front end. BOOM. How much work you have to do!

My Cuurios-story

As part of this process, I applied for a frontend developer role at Cuurios.

I will never forget my first impression of Cuurios. I was full of stress on the day of my interview, but they were so gracious to me. The company’s co-founder asked me questions and listened carefully to my responses with a smile on his face.

On the other side, the CTO was reviewing my project and asking technical questions, but before I could answer he said, “It’s okay if you don’t know it, it’s totally fine. You are a junior developer and you will learn it soon.” He said this, and at last I could breathe.

Now I’m working with them at Cuurios, and I’m so happy I made this choice.

Open-minded managers who accept your ideas, count on you, and encourage you to make decisions and mistakes, along with phenomenal colleagues who support you, teach you, and guide you through the learning process.

Now, when I finish a feature or task and then see the impact, I am excited, high-fiving myself and more eager to get started on the next one.

Curios about the world

My biggest hobby when I’m not working is reading books and watching documentaries. I am fascinated by physics, the universe, history, and by my favourite writer and thinker, Stephen Hawking. By reading about the past, forming opinions about the future, and putting those into the present, I am taught how to think, behave, and make my mark on this world. These things lead me to the conclusion that I should try harder and be better, and I think being a developer will help me achieve these goals.

Last but not least, I enjoy working with code and solving problems for users. I am a strong believer that I am on the right track and will help everyone who has a deep love for coding!

Thank you!

Happy to work with you Anna, Tamara, Michael, Leen, Gaetan, Adyasha, Marco and Andi!

Stop thinking. Start doing.

Clients tell us that implementing our product feels like their data-congested brain finally gets the much-needed neurological wiring that prompts action. Finally, you understand what is happening. Finally, you know what to do next. Finally, you can act confidently.

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